DGWA: Programme in Graphics, Web Designing & 2D Animation

DGWA: Programme in Graphics, Web Designing & 2D Animation

From browsing websites on your tablet and smartphone to buying gadgets in cool packages, we want designs that are attractive and can fit all requirements. This requires the work and talent of a graphic designer. Graphic design is a part of your daily life. It is the creative process which combines art and technology to communicate ideas visually. From a humble thing like a chocolate wrapper to huge things like billboards, websites, mobile apps, mobile interface and all other products & packaging, everything is the work of a designer, who makes it look attractive and communicate the idea of the client or company.

DGWA, a graphic design & multimedia course, covers a wider genre; from illustrating children books to design layout for tabloids, book covers, motion graphics, UI design, creative posters, traditional animation and corporate brand designs. It prepares you to join the ever-expanding world of print and visual media by providing you a detailed insight on graphic, web design and 2D animation.

Course duration: 
12 months
Course content: 

Sem 1:

  •     Certificate in Graphic & Print Design
  •     Fundamentals of Design & Drawing
  •     Concepts of Graphic & Illustration
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Image Editing
  •     Page Layout Design

Sem 2:

  •     Certificate in Web & Interactive Design
  •     Concepts of Web Design
  •     Web Page Designing
  •     Interactive Presentation
  •     Video Editing
  •     Sound Editing

Sem 3:

  •     Certificate in 2D Animation
  •     Fundamentals of Design and Basics of 2D Animation
  •     The Art of Digital Storyboarding
  •     Digital 2D Animation




  •     CorelDRAW™
  •     Adobe Illustrator™
  •     Adobe Photoshop™
  •     Adobe InDesign™


  •     HTML / Javascript
  •     Adobe Dreamweaver™
  •     Adobe Flash™
  •     Adobe Premiere™
  •     Adobe Audition™


  •     StoryBoard Pro™
  •     Adobe Flash™
  •     Toonboom Harmony™


Career options: 
  •     Graphic Designer
  •     Packaging Designer
  •     Advertising Art Director
  •     Web/Interactive Designer
  •     User Interface (UI) Designer
  •     Illustrator
  •     DTP Operator
  •     Layout Artist
  •     Developer for Interactive E-Learning
  •     Digital Storyboard Artist
  •     2D Animator