Design Viz Pro

Design Viz Pro

Design visualization creates graphic images from words and ideas - making concepts and options clearer to project owners and stakeholders. Visualization transforms from the invisible to visible. It is used in industries such as engineering, architecture, entertainment & manufacturing. Visualization plays a big role at every stage in these industries, from schematics to final presentation.

Course overview

Design Viz Pro program, a 3D animation course, trains you in design visualization and teaches you industry’s leading visualization tools like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Revit, Adobe Photoshop & hyper-realistic rendering tools like Mental Ray & V-Ray.

Our certified instructors will train you to develop the creative and observational skills required in design visualization. This course combines practical & theoretical sessions in order to develop your visualization skills used in the areas of architecture, 3D, illustrations, package design, exhibitions, set design for theatre, film, & TV and other similar professional areas.

Course content: 
  •     Digital Design
  •     3D Design
  •     Overview of Architectural Drawing in AutoCAD
  •     Architectural Visualization
  •     Lighting Simulation
  •     Hyper-realistic Rendering
  •     Animation
  •     BIM (Building Information Modeling) using Revit
  •     Video Editing
  •     Interactive Walkthrough
  •     Adobe Photoshop™
  •     Autodesk 3ds Max™
  •     Mental Ray®
  •     V-Ray
  •     Autodesk Revit
  •     Adobe Premiere
  •     Unity
Career options: 
  •     Interactive Product Designer
  •     Architectural Visualizer
  •     Lighting Artist
  •     3D Visualizer
  •     BIM Specialist